McConks Go Explore 12’8 inflatable SUP

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If you like to seek out those quiet beaches, breaks and bays, like exploring with your board both on and off the water, or simply just getting away from the crowds, then this inflatable paddleboard has been designed for you.




Designed by SUP explorers for SUP explorers

With front and back storage, and additional lashing points there is ample space on this inflatable paddleboard to take day bags or even multi day expedition kit.  There’s even handy additional paddle clips to allow you to keep your paddle safe when floating and enjoying the view.

We’ve redefined lightweight touring inflatable SUP with new Enhanced Drop Stitch technology.  This uses the latest fusion polymer technology to reduce the weight of the SUP compared to competitors, but still provide a solid rigid platform for comfortable long distance paddling

With extra thickness, length and volume, this board will easily eat up the miles even with a kid on board.

We’ve spoken to lots of paddlers to really understand what makes a perfect inflatable paddle board for families, day travellers and journeymen, and used this to set new standards for our touring iSUP boards:

– A lightweight but superstrong inflatable board.  With the whole package weighing under 15kg, it’s light enough to go in checked baggage, and with lots of handles making it a dream to get in and out of the water.

– Non slip deck under the storage areas to make carrying kit that little bit more secure

– Secure paddle storage to allow serious paddlers to carry a standard kayak paddle for those occasions where only two blades will get you upwind and upcurrent.

– a robust but lightweight paddleboard carrybag with wheels.  Padded straps and a hipbelt to make carrying the iSUP a pleasure, and chunky wheels that work on all but the most bumpy or sandy ground.  And with a big external pocket to keep all the other iSUP accessories secure and just where you need them.

– paddle straps inside the bag to keep your SUP paddle safe and secure during transport

– 2 + 1 fin setup.  Industry standard centre fin box; use the fin included, designed for all round flat water paddling, or use your favourite fin.  The click fit FCS side bites really make this board stand out from the crowd and give exceptional handling in strong currents, chop and wind. In harsh conditions these fins bite in and keep the board composed and moving forward. Real fins are such a game changer for iSUP performance, it amazes us that anyone still uses fixed rubber fins when the alternative is so much better!

– a redesigned deckpad finish, to improve comfort on long distance paddles without sacrificing grip

– Fastening points for a SUP seat to be attached (seat not included, but available separately) to convert the board from a SUP to a long distance touring sit on board.

And even though this iSUP board has been designed with long distance touring in mind, those FCS fins give you extra bite for extra fun in small to medium waves.

Which board is right for you?

This size guide will help you decide what the smallest board you should consider given your weight and experience level.  but there is no maximum.  It all depends on what type of paddling you want to do.  For further help deciding what size board is right for the type of water you’ll be paddling in, check out this article

What’s in the box

–   12’8 x 31″ x 6″ Go Anywhere #1 inflatable SUP board

–   1 x  7″ US box centre fin, 2 x 5″ click fit FCS flexi side bites

–   Repair kit

– High quality 10″ coiled leash

– 3 piece adjustable fibre glass shaft, polypropylene blade paddle.  Perfect for beginners and families – indestructible stiff blade, adjustable so the whole family can use it, yet less than 1kg in weight – 40% lighter than the standard cheap paddles included with must iSUP packages.  Read this article to find out why choosing the right paddle is just as important as choosing the right board

– Our renowned Mcconks SUP sac

– high pressure – high volume 4 litre SUP Pump

Additional accessories

Why not get a SUP seat to turn your SUP into a sit on, or to carry a younger passenger on the front of the board.  Or you can get your hands on a heavy duty dry bag.  Or you can make sure you never lose a GoPro/waterproof camera again with our RAM mounts attachment.  And the best bit?  We give you a discount of 25% off every accessory you buy with a paddleboard package.  Just add the item to your cart, and the discounts are all added when you checkout. If it doesn’t work automatically, use the voucher code ‘accessories’

Personalise your ride

Seasoned paddler? Already got all the accessories. If so, we allow you to buy the inflatable SUP board with no other accessories bundled in. No other brand does this. However, you can add accessories to the inflatable SUP board at huge discounts from the recommended retail price, allowing you to personalise your own great value package. Just contact us to ask for bespoke package prices.

Schools, clubs or companies

We work with a number of charities, schools, clubs and companies providing bespoke or standard McConks kit.  To give you a flavour of the kinds of copmanies that are turning to McConks because of our value and quality, we are an approved supplier to the Princes Trust, Brigantes, Essex Council, Walsall Council and Beyond Boundaries East Lothian amongst others.  Many instructors use our gear as part of their BCU paddlesports leader courses and recommend our gear to their customers (see our facebook profile and blog articles to find out more)

Contact us for bulk order and preorder prices

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 95 × 40 × 30 cm
SUP Seat

No seat, Turn your iSUP into a siton +£25 (RRP £35)

Dry bag

McConks 10l dry sac £20 (RRP £30), McConks 20l dry sac £25 (RRP £45), None


Free 3 piece fibreglass/nylon SUP paddle, Upgrade: all round carbon / bamboo paddle +£85, Upgrade: Black carbon all round paddle +£85, Upgrade: Black carbon large race paddle +£85, Upgrade: Black carbon small race paddle +£85

RAM mounts device connector


12 reviews for McConks Go Explore 12’8 inflatable SUP

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Trevor Goodman

    It’s pumped up to 20psi and ready to go.  Took me 6 mins of not very energetic pumping to get to 15 psi which seemed pretty good.  The weight minus the fins is just a shade over 11kgs. Quite impressive.  I am impressed with the build quality. The MSL certainly looks good. The drop stitch marks are clearly visible and the finish is excellent. I can’t spot any ‘ bubbles’ in surface any the skin looks perfect.

    It’s certainly a good value quality board and will no doubt be popular with people considering the much more expensive Red paddle explorer.

    Really good glide, used a single race fin on for this trip. Did really well in the headwind and chop. Plenty of room in the bag for everything and I like the paddle stowage. Just the right width board, stable bit not too far to put the paddle in. I found me sweetspot was quite well behind the midpoint around the Go Explore label, but that felt nice and stable. Really light for its size and plenty of handles. Love it/

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was nervous about getting such a long board as my friends who paddle board all have 10.8 or 10.6 boards. I received my 12.8 a few months ago and have honestly never looked back.

    As a bit of a geek I researched every brand I could find and I never came across anything as good as McConks for the product, service and value. Their boards are superbly well made and I take mine out whenever I can.

    I live between London and Cornwall and wanted to make sure I had a board with the versatility for all environments. So far I’ve taken her out on the Thames numerous times where she glides far faster than any board and keeps all of my kit and myself dry through her excellent ride line. I’ve paddled for 34kms down the River Tamar in one day and lugged her through blackthorn and over rapids. I’ve also taken her out on some Cornish lakes with a Labrador and a 3 year old on all at the same time with no dramas. I’m gearing up next for some sea expeditions to go and explore the coves and beaches that no one else can find. A picnic hamper and the dog will definitely be accompanying on the front and back!

    Product aside the best part of buying McConks has been the fantastic customer service. When, like an idiot, I managed to snap or lose all of my fins on the Tamar rapids, Andy wasted no time in sending me a full set of new fins, river fins and sea fins so that I could be back on the water as soon as possible. It was the kind of help and care that is far too rare these days.

    My friends all seem to just have a board whereas I feel far more that I’ve joined a community where support, guidance, care and a great team all come as part of the package.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Fergal O’Connor

    Just one more thing I love about my McConks 12’8 board – that is it’s robustness. Yesterday while walking to the beach carrying the fully inflated board, a bus rounded the corner and hit the back of the board at about 20 miles an hour. It rocketed the board out of my grip and sent it flying down the road where it hit a wall. I trotted after it (having already expressed my feeling to the driver) , picked it up, a few scratches for sure, and then continued to the beach, launched it and my family and I spend the next two hours having a blast on it, paddling, diving off it and generally messing about. Apart from the scratches, the board was fine.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Daniel Bennett

    Fantastic service and advice.
    I was going to purchase the 10’8 for coastal use and fishing, but after a chat with Mcconks, it looked like the 12′ board was the best option.
    Quality is fantastic compared to other big brands and the price is unbeatable for the package you get.
    Another big plus is the heavy duty bag. It easily accommodates everything without having to fight to get it all in.
    Fully inflated in 15 minutes.
    Fully packed away in less than 5 minutes.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sharyn Ladds

    I feel compelled to leave this review before I’ve even received the board! Have just ordered a McConks 12.8 plus Go Pro Hero package and received the most amazing service from start to finish from Andy and the team. They went out of their way to help us, I can’t recommend them highly enough – would give 6 stars if I could!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Fergal O Conner

    I bought this board for my wife as she really wanted to get into SUP. We have had this board for about six months now and have had the chance to use it on river and the sea. We have also taken it as ‘checked luddage’ on BA. We have been really impressed with its stability and tracking. It’s a pleasure to use in every aspect. We love how light it is, about 11KG so really easy to carry, quick to pump up using the two way pump but even easier using an electric pump. The interchangeable fins make it highly versatile and even at 15PSI stiffness is top notch. My wife, daughter and I have been on it all at once without an issue until one of us lost our balance from laughing too much. We upgraded to the carbon paddle with bamboo finish and it works a treat. All in all its a great board and the overall package brilliant. I have been so impressed with this board that I have now purchased a second one for myself. I don’t see a need for a future board as this fits all I need.
    The service from Andy before, during and after purchase is second to none and delivery is very fast. I am very very happy to recommend both this board and McConks.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pete Gilbert

    I’ve had my 12’8 for a few months, so I thought it was time to say something about it. The board, carbon paddle and the service was brilliant. If you need advice give them a call – they’re really helpful and honest.
    My other board is a Red 10’8, and as far as I’m concerned the McConks is as good quality and far better value.
    So if you’re reading these reviews thinking about get one, do it. You won’t regret it.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Barry Murphy (verified owner)

    Here are my thoughts and opinions on the McConks 12 8 Go Anywhere Explorer which hopefully will be useful for those in the market for an inflatable sup. This is only part one of my review as I have not had the chance to use the board much to date.

    Firstly a word on McConks the company or should I say Andy as he was my only point of contact. Andy himself is very helpful. I didn’t have many questions or issues but any questions were answered promptly. There is no hard sell and Andy will even throw in his opinion on competitors boards if asked pointing out the good and bad. Once I ordered my board on line it arrived in Ireland within a matter of days which was amazing. There was no delivery charge.

    My view on the price. My opinion on the price of inflatables is that they are generally way overpriced in particular the high end brand names. I dithered along time about my purchase from McConks mainly because of budget but a recent price reduction and special offer in April made up my mind. The McConks range in general seems to fit between the budget and higher priced brands. I use these terms only in relation to price. With regards to value for money McConks are at the higher end as initial impressions are the quality of the product is very good.

    This leads me on to the package. First thing you see when you open the box is the carry bag. This gives a great first impression. The bag is stylish, well made, feels like it will last. Solid straps everywhere, big wheels for easy pulling of the bag over various surfaces. There are carry handles at the top and side of the bag for easy maneuvering in and out of cars etc. There is a large front pocket which holds all your bits and bobs. The bag is plenty big with absolutely no problem getting your board, paddle and pump back into it after use.

    The pump is fine. It is dual action and works perfectly. Very similar to a lot of other pumps so not a whole lot to differentiate it one way or another.

    You do get a repair kit but there was no glue included. Not sure if this was an accidental omission?

    A quality coiled leash is also part of the package which was nice. First time out I was on the flat sea but there was an odd tiddler of a wave and you will find the coiled leash a bit short if you come off your board. I know it is a flat water leash and the board is a touring board but no harm to mention if you decide to try out in some small surf.

    I went for the standard three piece paddle as I already have a carbon paddle. The shaft is glass with a plastic blade. The shaft was light enough but the paddle blade seemed to me to be on the larger side and you felt you had this heavy weight on the end of the shaft. I would not like to be doing any distance paddling with it. The shaft is pieced together using the clasp system. It felt solid enough and didn’t twist but I haven’t given the paddle a full work out yet. My experience with such a system is that they tend to loosen and twist with time. But we will see. It is also difficult to line up the paddle handle with the blade as there are no markings to help with this. Likewise there are no height adjustment markings which are always useful especially if there are going to be different people using it. However this is still probably an above average starter paddle.

    The board once inflated looks great. I went for this board because it literally had everything I was looking for. Usually you might have to make a compromise. There are loads of carry handles, front, side, back and center. This is important if doing any river paddling and have a lot of gear on board. There are stowage bungees front and back of the board. There are rings to add a kayak seat which I wanted. I am not the fittest and on those windy days I am not ashamed to say I will use a seat to make some progress into a strong headwind if required. It will also be useful when fishing. There is a camera mount on front. The board comes with real fin boxes, two side fins and the center fin. A key is not supplied for attaching the side fins but I already had one. It would be worth including one with the package.

    The board is light enough to carry which is great for a 12 8 board. I previously had an RRD all rounder which seemed heavier even though it was two feet shorter. It was a thinner board and had some extra pvc strips for stiffening it up which adds weight. The McConks at six inches thick and pumped to 15 psi felt plenty rigid. It can apparently be pumped to 27 psi which I haven’t tried. But you can easily enough pump to 17 or 18 psi if needs be perhaps if carrying a lot of kit. The board decking is reasonably comfortable and has a small kick pad at the tail to help with turning(another nice touch). Everything seems to be solidly glued and sealed.

    My first time on the water was open sea and not completely flat. I have to say I found the board a bit tippy at first. This is more because I have been used to a rigid board the last few months and sitting lower in the water. It didn’t take long however to feel comfortable on the board. Glide wasn’t bad and tracking was excellent. I even tried to snag a few small waves with some success. I got the board for touring so am still looking forward to testing it on flat water. I will be interested to see how it performs as a single fin versus the tri fin.

    Overall my initial first impression of a McConks board is very positive. It seems to be a quality product with great attention to detail, while the service also seems top notch. Now you really get to know about service if there is a problem down the line. I don’t expect there to be any issues but based on my experience to date I think Andy and his company would do whatever they could to help you out.

    I plan on providing more info in a couple of months after the board has been well used as there seems to be very few longer term reviews of boards. Hopefully someone has found my observations of some use. As someone who found it difficult to test out boards here in Ireland you rely a good bit from feedback on social media etc and it is hard to find honest independent reviews. This is one.

    • andy mcconkey

      Barry – Wow. What an in depth review. This will really help people looking for quality independent opinions!

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Banbrook (verified owner)

    Got to use my new Go Explore SUP last weekend and I’m completely addicted. Even got up at 6am yesterday to squeeze a cheeky session before work. The Board and package is simply first class as was the advice and service from Andy.
    If you are looking for a high quality SUP at a sensible price, I would not hesitate to highly recommend McConks. Thank you

    • andy mcconkey

      Thanks so much for your comment John. Early morning SUPs are the way to go 🙂

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    davetparker (verified owner)

    McConks 12′ 8″ Go Anywhere Explorer iSUP.
    After taking the advice from a few mates and chatting to Andy McConk (Andy was really helpful and enthusiastic about iSUP’s) I decided to go for the McConks 12′ 8″ Go Anywhere Explorer as I live next to a couple of large coastal lagoons and wanted something that would be good for both exploring and fishing.
    I’ve been out on it a few times and I’m really happy with the build quality and performance. Before I bought the board I was a bit worried about the build quality but my qualms were totally unfounded as it’s bombproof and rock solid. Performance wise the board glides and tracks in a straight line very well (even in a choppy cross sea) but is still easy to manoeuvre.
    10/10 for a top quality board at a sensible price with great customer service.

    • andy mcconkey

      Thanks for your review – it means a lot to us when people take time out of their busy lives to leave a comment like this. Hope you have many, many happy years of exploring with the board.
      p.s. it really has got great glide for an iSUP hasn’t it?

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andy Oughton (verified owner)

    Fantastic smooth and quick board. Very well made, lots of attachment points and handles. Good grip on the deck and paddles so well. Very stable considering its width. Often chosen by paddlers over the other boards I have.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    mattheleonleo (verified owner)

    I ordered my board after a great lesson on one. As a beginner wanting to share my board with 50kg of dog. I needed something forgiving and very stable. This board is all that and more. Reading the other reviews I feel this board will still suit my needs as my skills improve.
    Purchasing was easy, delivery very prompt, and emails about further accessories promptly answered. Since I have purchased mine two people from our training group have purchased, again for use with large Dogs. Would recommend the brand to anyone

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