McConks Go Anywhere 10’6 inflatable SUP 2019 – Preorder for Spring 2019


If you want an inflatable paddleboard board that gives you the flexibility and confidence to use anywhere, this is the SUP for you. A multipurpose iSUP board designed for families and beginners to intermediates, this is the perfect one inflatable paddleboard fits all.




Preorder by the end of November for guaranteed delivery* Spring 2019

This board is for those people who like to do their own thing, who like to create their own stories rather than being part of someone else’s. Who seek out their own hidden beaches and coves, to get close to nature, to escape. Who want to paddlesurf, and who want to take kids or pets with them.

And if you and your passengers and kit weigh less than 120kg, then this is the board for you

McConks are paddlers too, and we’ve designed the perfect all-round board based on our experience! But we didn’t just use our experience. We’ve also spoken to lots of paddlers to really understand what makes a perfect allround iSUP and used this to set new standards for our touring iSUP boards.

We’ve redefined lightweight touring inflatable paddle boards with our new Enhanced Drop Stitch technology. This uses the latest fusion polymer technology to reduce the weight of the paddleboard compared to competitors, but still provide a solid rigid platform for comfortable long distance paddling. To put this into perspective, this board packs a massive 220l volume, so will happily carry a load of 120kg, and yet weighs less than 10kg.

Front storage and lashing points on the paddleboard allow you to take all you need for a day trip, or allow you to attach a SUP seat up front for younger passengers.

With the extra thickness, width and volume, this inflatable SUP board happily eats up the miles even with a kid on board.

The shape has been developed and refined to give optimum all round use:

•   The sleek tapered lines on the rail give excellent glide, tracking and speed when standing in the neutral position and paddling in a straight line
•   The pintail shape gives better performance in surf than round or square tailed inflatable SUP boards
•   The 2+1 FCS in set up allows you to adjust the bite and control of your inflatable SUP to your environment.  Real fins are a game changer for iSUP performance.  Better tracking, better glide and better performance in waves.  It amazes us that anyone still uses fixed rubber fins when the alternative is so much better!

The click fit side bite fin boxes use the Fugawa system, which allows you to use both the click fit fittings of the supplied fins, or standard FCS fins.

Which board is right for you?

This size guide will help you decide what the smallest board you should consider given your weight and experience level.  but there is no maximum.  It all depends on what type of paddling you want to do.  For further help deciding what size board is right for the type of water you’ll be paddling in, check out this article

What’s in the box

–   10’6 x 32″ x 4.75″ Go Anywhere #1 inflatable SUP board

–   1 x  7″ US box centre fin, 2 x 5″ click fit flexi side bites

–   Repair kit

– High quality 10″ coiled leash

– 3 piece adjustable fibre glass shaft, polypropylene blade paddle.  Perfect for beginners and families – indestructible stiff blade, adjustable so the whole family can use it, yet less than 1kg in weight – 40% lighter than the standard cheap paddles included with must iSUP packages.  Read this article to find out why choosing the right paddle is just as important as choosing the right board.  If you want to upgrade to our acclaimed carbon fibre paddle, then you can do so for just £85

– Our renowned Mcconks SUP sac

Additional accessories

Why not get a SUP seat to turn your SUP into a sit on, or to carry a younger passenger on the front of the board.  Or you can get your hands on a heavy duty dry bag.  Or you can make sure you never lose a GoPro/waterproof camera again with our RAM mounts attachment.  And the best bit?  We give you a discount of 25% off every accessory you buy with a paddleboard package.  Just add the item to your cart, and the discounts are all added when you checkout. If it doesn’t work automatically, use the voucher code ‘accessories’

Personalise your ride

Seasoned paddler? Already got all the accessories. If so, we allow you to buy the inflatable SUP board with no other accessories bundled in. No other brand does this. However, you can add accessories to the inflatable SUP board at huge discounts from the recommended retail price, allowing you to personalise your own great value package. Just contact us to ask for bespoke package prices.

Schools, clubs or companies

We work with a number of charities, schools, clubs and companies providing bespoke or standard McConks kit.  To give you a flavour of the kinds of copmanies that are turning to McConks because of our value and quality, we are an approved supplier to the Princes Trust, Brigantes, Essex Council, Walsall Council and Beyond Boundaries East Lothian amongst others.  Many instructors use our gear as part of their BCU paddlesports leader courses and recommend our gear to their customers (see our facebook profile and GoInspire initiative to find out more.


  • orders placed by the end of November 2018 for delivery in April 2019. If not delivered by the end of May 2019, 150% refund will be paid.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 94 × 35 × 40 cm

Free 3 piece fibreglass/nylon SUP paddle, No paddle, Upgrade: 3 piece black carbon SUP Paddle only £85, Upgrade: Pro Carbon/bamboo 3 piece adjustable paddle only £85


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