3″ SUP flexi river fin


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Are you fed up being thrown off the front of your board as your centre fin hits the river bed? Have you perfected the superman catapult pose?  if so, then you might find this fin just what you need.

With a long base, this fin has a relatively large surface area for its height meaning that tracking isn’t compromised.  But at only 3 inches deep, this fin is great for all but the very shallowest of shallow rivers.

The weed cutting shedding shape along with the low profile means that weed drag becomes a thing of the past.

Fits most quality inflatable and rigid SUP boards with a removable centre fin.

If you don’t know whether this fits your board, drop us an email with the make, model and year, or better still, send us a photo of the fin box.



US fin box

Semi flexi polyprop (in black)

Height 3″

Length 6″

Screw at front

Comes with fin screw.

Why not pair this with our 1″ FCS fin box site bites?


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