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‘Tis the season to be merry

small business saturday mcconksIf you're struggling to think of Christmas presents for the paddleboarder in your life, don't panic!  We're here to make your life a little more simple, and take some of the stress of Christmas shopping away. 

Study after study, and personal experience have shown that the best types of Xmas present are experiences rather than things: you remember and talk about experiences for years, but things lose their value quickly as the next best thing becomes available.  And if you don't to buy an experience (maybe you're worried about that useless loved one forgetting about the voucher, and it expiring - been there, done that!), the next best thing you can do is to buy thing that helps them get out there and make their own experiences! So that's mostly what we've focussed on here.

And we're not just about hawking our own stuff here at McConks.  We've pulled together the best SUP gifts from around the UK and the web. And don't forget, after the idiocy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Saturday 2nd December is small business Saturday.  Small UK companies are the lifeblood of our economy.  They actually pay tax (unlike some of the bigger retailers), support local communities, and support local charities!  Obviously as a small UK business, we're all about supporting small business Saturday. So where you can, buy small and local!  And most of our selections support small UK companies.

We've sorted our Christmas pressie ideas by price, so whether you're looking for inexpensive stocking fillers, or mega expensive supergift, we've got them all covered aeasy to browse.

And if we've missed an obvious and great present, let us know, as  we will be adding more ideas over the coming days.


Stocking fillers - less than £20

Looking for something small, or for stocking fillers for the paddleboarder in your life?

Have a look at these ideas.  A must for every SUP enthusiast.

Keep your keys dry

Keeping keys and mobiles dry on the water isn't an issue.  Even if you spend most of your time swimming.  But with numerous offers available, how do you know what to choose?

This type – with roll around Ziploc style fastening, more reliable that the type with plastic clasps on the top. We’ve found the attachment to the clamp type can cause microtears, which then propogate down the bag.  Which only becomes noticeable when you’ve take a dunk, and your phone gets a rinsing!

Shop keybags now

paddletime mens tshirt brown
Organic ethical tees- from £12

McConks very own guilt free t-shirts. Lots of designs and colours. Available for Men, laddies and kids.  If you want your own message printed, just let us know and we can sort out.

See our large range of tees

Flexi race fin
Upgraded fins from £15

For less than £20, would you believe you can improved your loved ones performance no end?

On the board that is, of course! 

The fin pictured is our 9" river race fin.  Designed for endurance flatwater races like the #Trent100 or Great Glen paddle. 

And the good news is our fins fit most rigid and inflatable SUP boards. And if you buy the wrong one, you can get a refund or replacement until the end of January..

Shop for iSUP fins

3 piece paddlebag
SUP paddle bag

Do they still throw the paddle around in the back of the car? Are they aware how dangerous this can be, especially if they use a carbon SUP paddle?  Give yourselves piece of mind by getting a protective SUP paddlebag that protects the SUP paddle against knocks, heat, cold and all sorts of paddle abuse!

Mcconks SUP paddlebags fit paddles of all brands, whether they be carbon paddles, fibreglass paddles or alloy/alu paddles. One size for all adjustable 3 piece paddles, and one size for all two or or one piece paddles.

Much cheaper than buying a new paddle!

Check out our paddlebags

20 litre dry bag, with handle and shoulder straps
McConks drybag

McConks dry bags come with rucksack and across the shoulder straps to allow paddlers to easily carry the bag to the water over their shoulder. The 10l and 20l bags fit under the deckstraps of almost most paddleboards.

available in 10l and 20l

More than a stocking filler £20 - 50

Looking for a bigger present?  Check these out.


ion gloves
Warm hands

Gloves are an essential piece of kit for this time of year.   And the ION claw seem to be many paddlers glove of choice for paddleboarders, windsurfers and kite surfers. Check out the deal from the awesome new retailer MCS watersports

Buy these gloves

waterproof light
SUNIX waterproof LED board light £26

This superbright 20 LED 700 lumens light connects with a standard go pro mount, so can be attached to any board with a RAM mounts fitting.  It uses gopro hero batteries, so perfect for those riders who already have waterproof cameras with gopro type batteries.

Find out more

Blue chip roof rack strap
Lockable roofrack straps £49.50

Keeping boards safe on a roofrack is a concern of any surfer, paddleboarder or windsurfer. These lockable, reinforced straps are great for making sure the boards remain securely strapped to the roof.

Check out the other stuff on the Blue Chip Store. Lots of other ideas for keen paddlers.  And they're also great for board repairs.

Keep kit safe with these straps

GUL SUP shoes
GUL multi activity shoes - £27

These GUL shoes are shoes designed for sports and getting wet. More stylish than a simple pair of wetboots, they also drain freely, yet provide some support and look like a trainer.  Ideal if you want one pair of shoes for a range of water and land based activities.

Check out Coast Watersports other kit as well.

Get a grip!

Gopro mount
RAM mounts camera mount
Gopro camera mount £37.50

If your loved one is constantly worrying about whether or not they’re about to lose their gopro or expensive waterproof camera, and they have a Red Paddle Ride, McConks or Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co board with integral RAM mount fitting, why not get them one of these fittings. Fits all waterproof cameras, and all boards with an M8 screw.

Available here for £37.50 with free delivery

Capture that moment

maifang action camera
Maifang action cam £42

We’ve tried lots of waterproof action cams in our time, and think this one is an awesome piece of kit at this price. 4k at 25fps, 2.7k at 45fps, or 1.8k at 60fps, and 20 mega pixels, means that you get totally stunning footage from this camera.  The low light footage is great, and it comes with a carry case, remote control and loads of fittings that means you can attach it to almost anything.   It takes a 64gb SD card, which is easily filled if you use both batteries with their 90 minutes of recording time!

Capture that moment

£50 - £100 - perfect for a bigger present

pal glide
Palm glide PFD £76

At the time of writing, there’s a great deal on the acclaimed palm glide personal flotation device at the SUP company. Keep your paddlers safe and unrestricted by bulky bouyancy aids with one of these.

Buy from theSUPco

paddlelit light belt
Paddlelit light belt £90. Be Safe, Be Seen, Be Smart  This highly versatile light weight LED belt fits waists from 28″ to 45″ comes with one rechargeable battery pack that fits on the side of the belt. The battery lasts for up to 6 hours and can be easily recharged with the charger (supplied) in about 2 hours. There are 10 LED lights in front of the belt giving out two meters of Direct light spanning to 5 meters. There are 10 LED lights on the back, giving out 2 meters of direct light spanning to 5 meters off lights. Also features a special pocket to accommodate your phone, keys, and your money or credit cards.

Contact Jon Archer at Bath Paddleboard Centre

echeat SUP Pump
eCHEAT electric / car SUP Pump £100

Despite what the board manufacturers claim, pumping up a board isn’t a dream, and it’s certainly not as easy as the videos make it look. Unless your superman or superwoman, pumping up the board to the right pressure is a fair old workout.  If you want to really impress your paddler, then get them an electric car pump to take all the effort out of pumping up the board.  This is our version, which is good value for a high pressure, high speed pump with a number of different washers and attachments to ensure that it fits all boards. 

Buy here

Over £100 - flash with the cash

Carbon bamboo paddle
Quality SUP paddles from £75

Carbon SUP paddles £150, Fibre glass paddles £75, including next day delivery and free protective paddlebag.

Available as two or three piece adjustable available for next day delivery.  One piece Carbon SUP paddle by special order only.



Buy here