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Is this the start of something big?

McConks preorder deals

Is this the start of a beautiful relationship?

McConks are looking for independent instructors, organisations and companies who share our vision and ethics to join us in our mission to get more people on the water.

If you already know who we are, how we can help your company grow, and are just after our preorder and trade price list, you can register here.

If you still need convincing, please read on!

Not just great quality, great value SUP kit

It’s not an easy life running an adventure or watersports company. And when inflatable SUP from the market leaders set you back over £1k a board, it can be hard to make the finances stack up.  But because McConks are a direct sales only brand, without an expensive distribution and retail network, we’re a fraction of the price of the big brands, for kit that’s every bit as good. And even better according to some of our brand friends.

We wouldn’t be an approved supplier to the likes of the Princes Trust, Essex County Council and the MOD, unless we made reliable, robust kit.

We wouldn’t be working with respected watersports providers and instructors unless our kit lasted and was good value.

But we offer so much more than great prices and great kit.  We love working with friends and partners to help everyone’s interests. It can be a competitive, dog eat dog world out there, if you let it be. But that’s not how we operate. We don’t do the whole corporate ego thing, and we don’t worry about what our competitors do. We just focus on what’s right for us, and for the companies we like to call friends and partners.

We’ve spent a couple of years building up both our product portfolio, and our brand presence. With a 300% increase in our social media profile reach this year, we’re regularly reaching 5,000+ people a week with our videos and posts on social media. And with almost 40,000 visitors to our webpages over the last 12 months (up from 7,000 the year before), we can lever our channels to help you market your business without needing to spend lots of money on SEO or advertising.

Over the next 12 months we’re planning a significant push on one of our websites, and any outdoor company can join the scheme. And in total, we’re forecasting over 80,000 new visitors (120,000 total visitors) to our McConks/SUPhubUK/SUPgiftcard ecosystem over the next 12 months.

Our success is your success

As a great example of what can we can achieve together, we’ve been working hard with GoXperience, an adventure yacht charter outfit based in Croatia to really push the SUP side of their business.  And we produced this little video for Nathan, which has helped keep his SUP adventures full since we started working with him.

Croatian colours by SUP and sail | Live life, love life

How do you make your adventures? Living the #suplife#sun#sup#sail#livelife#lovelife

Geplaatst door McConks op Zondag 10 juni 2018

Part of our success is driven by our hard work on social media and working to increase our McConks brand awareness and reach. But to be honest, the lions share of the growth coming from the positivity and enthusiasm of the companies we call friends.

Your success is our success

And when the partnership model works well, everyone benefits. If you haven’t seen it already, this video is a great example of a company  (Ant and Lianne Ing at Standup Paddle Board UK in Llangollen) that we’re proud to call McConks friends, doing their bit to push and promote the SUP life!

What else do you get if you join our family?

The warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you’re part of an ecosystem of companies and people working together to look after one another is a pretty big part of it.  But you probably want to know about merch, discounts and deals.

Our merch includes flags and stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, caps and hats, inflatable buoys, floating sunnies and lots more. And our merch range will be expanding in 2019.  But you’ll need to register to find out more 🙂

Can I retail your kit

McConks are a direct sales only, so sorry, no, you can’t retail in the traditional sense.   However, we are developing a network of regional experience providers/instructors, who will be able to sell McConks products as part of a wider experience package. If this is of interest to you, then get in touch.

How do I find out more

Visit to register and get your hands on our price list. Or just give us a call on 07387 383243 – we don’t bite!

Who would like a free SUP Paddle…..?We are looking for 6 people who are experienced SUP paddlers (not beginners…

Geplaatst door Norfolk Outdoor Adventures op Maandag 10 september 2018
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Four's a crowd!

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Deferred or instant gratification

Deferred or instant gratification?

Do you get the most pleasure from having what you want, when you want it? Do you get a thrill from being a little impulsive with your money? Or do you get the biggest emotional pick me up from planning wisely, choosing, and then looking forward to something in the future?

These two types of pleasure are described as instant gratification and deferred gratification respectively. Scientific studies of emotion and hormones have concluded that waiting, anticipating, and looking forward longingly to a special treat is what gives most people the greatest pleasure. But we also know that, in general, people are really poor at choosing deferred gratification over instant pleasure. Ask a kid whether they want one sweet today, or two sweets tomorrow, and they’re pretty certain to choose one sweet today (1). As we get older we typically get a little better at choosing to wait, but but we’re still not (in general!) very good at waiting for the pleasure.

So ask most people if they would rather a used, second hand 2018 paddleboard without a warranty right now, for the same price as a brand new one with a three year warranty in January 2019, and most people will choose the instant gratification. And it goes without saying this is the wrong choice for most people, most of the time.

If you’re smarter than most people, and fully buy into the idea of deferred gratification, and can wait until January 2019 or April 2019 for 30% off brand new SUP packages (2), then McConks are for you.  If you’re a business wanting to take advantage of our preorder deals, register here. If you’re not a business, contact for more information.

If, however, you need instant gratification, and are looking for an instant deal, then use voucher code 128discount2018 on our webshop checkout page for an instant 10% discount (3) on our 12’8 Go Explore boards, or our Polarised floating sunglasses. And we’ll even throw in a free car sticker and helmet sticker!

And if you want to know why we’re offering these discounts, check out the slides below. (and if they don’t work, you can view them here)

If you’re worried about sustainability, and don’t want to buy new, then follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter, as we’ll be selling off some of our demo and rental fleet soon.

(1) So established is this as an economic and scientific principle, that it’s built into pretty much every economic model, future benefits being discounted to account for this perceived lower value in the future
(2) 50% non-refundable posit needed when order is placed by 15 October 2018, remaining 50% payment before delivery in Jan 2019.

(3) only available while stocks last and until 31 October 2018

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Do you wear sunglasses in winter?

McConks bamboo sunglasses

Do you wear sunglasses in winter?

Should you?  Absolutely yes!

20 years ago, probably the only people who could get away with wearing shades in winter were skiers, and celebs. Except maybe Bono, who never quite got away with it.  Any normal people were laughed at, or called wannabe celebs.floating sunglasses

But in recent years, medical understanding of the damage that winter sun can do to our eyes means that the majority of optometrists will now recommend wearing UV400 sunglasses year round.

Although the sun isn’t as hot in winter,  it doesn’t mean that the UV rays are any less dangerous. And with the sun sitting lower in the sky and at different angles during the winter, the exposure and damage can actually be greater.  Especially if you’re looking at the horizon for an extended period, such as at sports events, or when you’re paddling or riding.

The two highest risk groups are watersports participants and mountain sports participants.  Both groups of people typically spend lots of time outside in winter, spending lots of time looking at the horizon, and in an environment that reflects the sun back up (water and snow/ice).

And if you don’t look after your eyes, you can suffer from early onset of a range of eye diseases normally associated with aging, such as macular degeneration.

So get wearing theose shades in winter!

And if you don’t have any yet…

McConks have developed a range of sunglasses aimed at paddlers that are polarised, that float, and that provide all the protection you need, all year round.  And they’re sustainable and ethical.

Also check out Moonshine eyewear, another UK company making eco-responsible top quality sunglasses. And they’re sponsoring the SUP Team GB this year.

Stay safe on the water!