Standup paddleboard shopping – simplified

With such an array of prices, shapes and styles, buying a SUP can be a confusing experience. For a customer who simply wants the best quality iSUP at a fair price, or the lightest carbon paddle for example, the choice can lead to decision paralysis.  Whilst choice is often welcome, you can have too much of a good thing.

So we have simplified the buying process. In three ways:

– We only produce kit people need. No gimmicks and no creating faddish products just to sell more products.

– Limited selection.   By only producing the products that people need, and only having one design of each of our range, we can control both costs and the amount of waste when the kit is manufactured.

– Using only the best manufacturers who meet our strict quality, environment and worker welfare requirements. You know that you are getting a guilt free product of industry leading quality.  And at a fair price.

Affordable inflatable SUP: here's how
Affordable inflatable SUP: here’s how


Our model is to only sell direct, or to only sell through qualified paddlesport instructors. That way we can make sure that the customer service meets our highest standards, and that the advice our customers get given is true and fair.  We’re not a superstore with a huge selection from different brands. Nor are we a deep discounter who don’t care about quality or customer service.

By only selling our own products, we know everything about how they’re made and what their environmental credentials are. And unlike many direct retailers, we design our kit from the bottom up.  We don’t just take an existing product and slap a McConks logo on it; we design every last bit of the kit.  Even down to the shape and size of the D Rings on the boards.  With the same attention to detail as the very niche premium brands, and sometimes even better.

And that’s why we can deliver industry leading quality, at a more affordable price.

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Inflatable SUP packages from only £515

Inflatable SUP, Inflatable paddleboard, inflatable paddle boards
McConks 10’6 Go Anywhere with 4+ 1 fin arrangement
Inflatable SUP, Inflatable paddleboards, inflatable paddle boards
McConks 10’6 Go Anywhere
Inflatable SUP, Inflatable paddleboards, inflatable paddle boards,
McConks 10’6 Go Anywhere iSUP. with progressive rocker











Pro quality carbon SUP paddles only £150



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