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Our demo partners are one of McConks primary windows to the world, possibly the first physical contact a customer has with our kit. And as we all know first impressions are very important.  Therefore, we choose our partners very carefully.

We look for partners that share our values, that are passionate about inclusivity, about local business connections, about the environment, and whose passion for watersports run deep. And we look for partners who are more than just a place where you hire some kit.  We look for instructor led partners in great locations.

We thought you might like to find out a little more about our demo partners, so we’ve thrown them some searching questions to answer.

Aztec Adventures are the latest company we’ve teamed up with, so they’re the first in the hotseat.  They operate from three great locations in the Midlands, which offer a range of water and land based activities.

Based on their answers, I think you’ll agree they sound like great partners.

Tell us about your watersports history?

We have always had a passion for being on the water from a young age and have windsurfed at some of the best locations around the world including: Western Australia, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Maui, Canary Islands just to name a few. We started working at a local centre at the age of 14 and bought the business outright at the age of 19

Talk us through the Aztec story

We have owned and run the Aztec Activity centres for over 10 years; we’ve evolved and developed the current business model over the years, and we’ve launched 4 other leisure businesses in the last 4 years. We’ve seen steady growth in the current climate and have expanded our range of activities range across the board. We’ve now got over a decade of experience within the industry, and have experience of running centres overseas on warmer climes.  But we’re now back in the UK fulltime.

We are working directors and are both competent and qualified in our respective fields. Hard work and a friendly yet approachable attitude to work and life have increased the public awareness and sales at our existing businesses.

And Aztec; what’s the overall aim?

Aztec’s friendly and laid back approach to all visitors helps them to learn and enjoy the activities we are so passionate about.  We’re all about delivering safe and fun activities to a wide range of people from all backgrounds. Developing local distinctiveness, access to employment and linking business and community. As well as meeting the cross cutting themes of community engagement, supporting young people, innovation, promotion of Worcestershire and cooperation with local businesses.

Who are your watersports heroes and why?

Robby Naish – true legend and we had the pleasure of meeting him in Hookipa, what a great guy and still rips it!!! He said he was a bit under powered that day, as he had trashed his 4.7 and 5.2 and only had one sail in his van which made us smile as he has one of the biggest brands out there – true legend.

How often do you manage to get on the water?

Not as often as we like, on extremely windy days – the answer phone goes on and we head out on the lake for a play

When did you first come across SUP?

About 5 years ago, and thought it was a great bit of kit for days down the beach when there is no surf or wind.

When did you decide to bring to bring SUP into your business?

We launched SUP about 2 years ago with a couple of boards to test the water. It is growing from strength to strength and we have increased the number of boards extensively since then.  And we are now really excited and looking forward to working with McConks in 2017

Why do you think the masses are attracted to the sport?

I believe it is a great activity for all ages and demographics, it is technically easier to take up compared to other wind and water sports, it has become a really cool and creditable activity

What’s new at Aztec this year?

Project X ….. ….. watch this space ……

Any final thoughts?

Andy’s professional and laid back approach to his brand was great to see. We are all really keen to get the McConks boards out on the water in the Spring, 2017 is going to be an exciting year for all!


We’ll announce when  our kit is available for demo.  Keep an eye on our website and why not follow one of our social media channels to get our updates delivered to your timeline?  Until then, why not check out Aztec Adventure’s website and see what activities they have to inspire you?




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